Selling Art that is Both Beautiful AND Educational!

I started this shop to share my art with the world and to help support my journey to becoming a doctor! Before I got on Etsy, I would just post my art on my Instagram page, but when I discovered how helpful my art was to other students, I opened up shop!

I hand draw each and every item you see in my store; whether it be painting on canvas, digitally on my iPad, or pencil on paper! Most of my store is digital though because I have been traveling a lot during medical school, so it's easier to sell rather than lugging around all of my art supplies/products!

When I finally settle down into my residency (doctor life), I will bring more of my physical products in store!

I truly enjoy creating, it brings me joy to know that my art is helping others improve their knowledge of anatomy/medicine. Not all of my art is just strictly for learning though, I do have a few quirky anatomy art pieces that I hope will put a smile on your face 🤪

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